Overcoming Holiday Burnout

Overcoming Holiday Burnout By: Kyra Littledike, CSW, Logan Office Therapist Do the holidays not seem to be as magical as they once were? Do you feel more dread than joy as you watch the holiday decorations and festivities make their re-appearance? It is no secret that the holiday season can be both a happy andContinue reading “Overcoming Holiday Burnout”

Grief Yoga: Moving Through Loss with Love

Hosted By Connections Family Wellness’ therapist, Grief Yoga® certified teacher, and sound healer Angie Shultz Transforming Grief into Empowermenta healing experience using movement, breath, and sound.Why talking about grief may not be enough to heal itGrief lives in the body. No matter how many times you tell yourself all the “right” things in your head, youContinue reading “Grief Yoga: Moving Through Loss with Love”