Child & Teen Counseling

There is hope. There is help.

Wondering How To Best Help Your Child?

We have premier child specialists on staff at CFW. With experience creating collaborative mental health programs at some of the largest and most prestigious pediatric clinics and healthcare centers in Utah, we are prepared to treat your child and get you the answers you seek. Whether you are looking for skills, support, change, healing, diagnosis, or attachment bonding support, we are here for YOU.

It is our philosophy that Children invite us into their world to express emotions, not the other way around. We use a variety of games, activities, crafts, and such to support children in emotional identification, expression, and processing. We strive to make therapy an enjoyable place to be for children and teens of all ages.

The Assessment session is with one or both parents. If parents are divorced, both legal guardians must sign the therapy consent PRIOR to the intake session and provide proof of custody.

Children come to the second session and sessions last between 30-50 minutes depending on the child’s needs, age, and attention span. A individualized plan for treatment will be assessed and discussed within the first couple sessions.

Counseling can help mental, emotional, and behavioral difficulties

We take children & teen’s mental health seriously. There are many benefits that come from meeting with mental health professionals at any age. Use CFW as a tool in your parental tool belt to be the best parent for your child & to help your child reach their full potential.