Grief Yoga: Moving Through Loss with Love

Hosted By Connections Family Wellness’ therapist, Grief Yoga® certified teacher, and sound healer Angie Shultz

Transforming Grief into Empowerment a healing experience using movement, breath, and sound. Why talking about grief may not be enough to heal it
Grief lives in the body. No matter how many times you tell yourself all the “right” things in your head, you may still feel loss lurking in your chest, the pit of your stomach, and the knots in your shoulders. The emotion stored in your tissues can keep you awake at night, disrupt your moods, and hijack your relationships. Movement can mobilize that energy and transmute it, allowing you to heal.

What if I’m not very athletic?

Grief Yoga® is for people of all ages and fitness levels. The goal isn’t to turn you into a pretzel or build physical strength and endurance. Instead, the focus is on emotional transformation. The movements can be done either from a chair or a yoga mat.

What can I expect at a Grief Yoga® class?

It’s not your typical yoga class! Grief Yoga® draws from many different traditions, including hatha, yin, kundalini, laughter yoga, and dance your yoga, and combines them in a way unlike any of the original forms. Every class is the opportunity for a deep emotional journey. We will use movement breath and sound to connect to your feelings of loss, witness and express them, and then shift into feelings of connection and peace.
Every class ends with a relaxing crystal bowl sound bath.
What is a sound bath?
There is no water involved! A sound bath is a form of healing in which crystal bowls of various sizes are played by an experienced practitioner. The patterns of vibration promote relaxation and stress reduction.

When are classes available?
Three and four-session packages of grief yoga are offered at regular intervals at ConnectionsFamily Wellness 965 S 100 W Suite 106 Logan, Utah. Call for the next start date. (801) 871-5118.
Offered by Angie Schultz, CSW, RYT-200, Grief Yoga® certified teacher, and sound healer

Midweek Mindfulness at Connection Family Wellness

Hosted by Connections Family Wellness’ therapist and mindfulness expert Angie Shultz

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by hassles and obligations? Do your stress levels keep inching up as the week goes on? Do you sometimes find yourself checking out, or going through life on autopilot, just to get through the day? What if there were an easy, inexpensive way to check back in? To feel fully engaged with the people around you? To start really savoring your own life? Midweek Mindfulness at Connections Family Wellness could be just what you are looking for.

Is This Class for Me?

So, what does a mindfulness class look like? Midweek Mindfulness at Connections Family Wellness is a fun blend of practical techniques like guided meditation and conscious movement that bring you back in tune with yourself. Most class sessions also include a crystal bowl sound bath. It’s a great way to reset when the busy week has you feeling scattered or uncentered.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the state of being fully connected with your own inner and outer experiences. Because it helps with brain function and therefore productivity, many Fortune 500 companies have begun offering mindfulness-based trainings to their executives. Since it works equally well at helping reduce feelings of
stress, anxiety, and depression, it’s also a cornerstone of many popular approaches to mental health therapy. But the biggest pull of mindfulness practice for most people is that it helps them to feel more present, grounded, and joyful. It’s a practice for those who want to feel fully human.

What Else Can Mindfulness Help With?

Mindfulness has been shown in research to help improve sleep, reduce chronic pain, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and improve mood. It has been shown to help reduce aggressive behavior and increase compassion levels. It can even improve your ability to focus, enhance brain functioning, and increase the volume of gray matter in your brain. So be careful! Getting started with a mindfulness practice at Connections Family Wellness might just inspire you to bring mindfulness into your daily life, and that could have big results.

How do I Get Started?

Spaces are limited. Call 801 871 5118 to reserve your spot. Each session is only $10. Classes are held Wednesdays from 9:15-10:15 at the Connections Family Wellness Logan office: 10654 South River Heights Drive, Suite 106.
Offered by Angie Schultz, CSW, RYT-200.

Teen Self-Esteem Group

Hosted By Connections Family Wellness’ therapist & teen expert Kyra Littledike

Learning to navigate life as a teen is hard and oftentimes confusing. Among the many difficulties teens face, low self-esteem is one of the most common and devastating. Struggles with self-esteem may leave teens feeling inadequate, misunderstood, and lonely. However, your journey to a healthier self-esteem does not have to be taken alone and can begin today! 

Connections Family Wellness is excited to help you in taking steps to boost your self-esteem this summer with our 8-week self-esteem group. Join us weekly as we complete many activities to strengthen participants’ confidence in boundary setting, assertiveness, positive self-talk, and self-care. Group participants will also work with group therapist on identifying and discussing the many internal and external influences that impact our self-esteem daily with emphasis on social media use.

Becoming a happier, healthier, more confident version of yourself is possible! Please call (801) 871-5118 to register and we look forward to seeing you at 6:00 PM 

Gratitude Workshop

Hosted by Connections Family Wellness with Guest Expert Steph Anderson

As thanksgiving approaches we wanted to create a space where we can gather in gratitude. When you think of gratitude what comes to your mind? Do you think of writing a list, a song from your childhood, a book, or something you are grateful for? 

As gratitude has been studied the research shows that people who live in gratitude are often more happy, peaceful and helpful contributors of society. These findings are lovely truths about gratitude. What the scientific research may not say is that gratitude is a power. It’s a power that offers change and transformation. Through the power of gratitude one can begin to change and transform the body and mind. Gratitude can heal. 

The Power of Gratitude Workshop is designed and created for you to experience and feel the power of gratitude. We will focus on gratitude for yourself, who you are, what you’ve accomplished and the beauty of your life.

You may experience joy and light when you walk away from this experience. Give yourself the gift of self love by expressing and feeling gratitude for yourself this November. 

Stephanie Andersen, an intuitive healing guide will lead this workshop along with ___. We will practice yoga, meditation, guided imagery and a gong bath. Bring your journal as you may want to record your experience.

If you are interested in signing up for this workshop you can call us at (801) 871-5118 or click here to book online.

Process & Release Anxiety & Fear Workshop

Hosted by Connections Family Wellness with Guest Expert Steph Anderson

Do you feel anxious about your life, your job, your purpose? Are you afraid to make decisions and choices because you don’t know what is best for you? Do you fear sickness, death or the unknown? Are you worried you aren’t good enough to try something new? Do you feel stress in your body? Do you feel heaviness in your chest? Do you breath from your chest?

Anxiety is experienced and felt differently for everyone. It can be a fast heart beat, pressured or struggle breathing, racing thoughts about the same thing, heaviness in chest, inability to move forward or feeling stuck and nervous or jittery. Often times anxiety comes from our thoughts, our fears, our mindset. It can be tricky to see and know this as they are in our subconscious mind playing on repeat. 

Process and Release Anxiety and Fear Workshop is a 2 part workshop – to dive deep into healing, work on changes incrementally and build upon what we learn.

With intuitive healing facilitator Stephanie Andersen we will use the tools of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, guided imagery, gong bath and guided journaling, we will identify and release these fears and anxieties from the subconscious mind so you can live more freely in your true self. 

You will walk away with tools to use at home on a daily basis, greater sense of inner peace, ability to let go, and freedom to be your true whole self. 

Find inner peace. Find inner joy. Find your true self. 

If you are interested in signing up for this workshop you can call us at (801) 871-5118 or click here.