“The feeling of connection is part of my personality and my work, and I am grateful for it.”
– Rinne Allen

Laurin & Ashley

We are the owners of Connections Family Wellness as well as the founders of the Living Legacy Charitable Foundation. We are here to keep it real. Life is hard, we have been through it, and continue to endure the struggles of life together with our families. We have found this to be a bit easier while following our passions, practicing what we preach, and burning the midnight oil.

Sometimes being brave means running a business, dirt biking through the canyons, traveling the world, offering someone forgiveness, being vulnerable, or asking for help.

We are motivated by the desire to bring mental health and physical / emotional wellness to our community, and the mission to provide a safe place to practice ethical treatment. We advocate for self care and balance for each of our employees. This in turn results in the highest quality, ethical support and genuine care for each of our patients.

As mentioned, we have gone on to create a nonprofit organization to further our influence as well as create a mental urgent care program. This is the type of innovation that we are built on as we strive to share the message to our daughters and women everywhere that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. If you don’t believe us, just watch.

Lars & Ash

“I define success as being able to match one’s passion with a deep sense of purpose.”

Thelma Golden, In The Company Of Women