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Hosted By Connections Family Wellness’ therapist, Grief Yoga® certified teacher, and sound healer Angie Shultz

Transforming Grief into Empowerment a healing experience using movement, breath, and sound. Why talking about grief may not be enough to heal it
Grief lives in the body. No matter how many times you tell yourself all the “right” things in your head, you may still feel loss lurking in your chest, the pit of your stomach, and the knots in your shoulders. The emotion stored in your tissues can keep you awake at night, disrupt your moods, and hijack your relationships. Movement can mobilize that energy and transmute it, allowing you to heal.

What if I’m not very athletic?

Grief Yoga® is for people of all ages and fitness levels. The goal isn’t to turn you into a pretzel or build physical strength and endurance. Instead, the focus is on emotional transformation. The movements can be done either from a chair or a yoga mat.

What can I expect at a Grief Yoga® class?

It’s not your typical yoga class! Grief Yoga® draws from many different traditions, including hatha, yin, kundalini, laughter yoga, and dance your yoga, and combines them in a way unlike any of the original forms. Every class is the opportunity for a deep emotional journey. We will use movement breath and sound to connect to your feelings of loss, witness and express them, and then shift into feelings of connection and peace.
Every class ends with a relaxing crystal bowl sound bath.
What is a sound bath?
There is no water involved! A sound bath is a form of healing in which crystal bowls of various sizes are played by an experienced practitioner. The patterns of vibration promote relaxation and stress reduction.

When are classes available?
Three and four-session packages of grief yoga are offered at regular intervals at ConnectionsFamily Wellness 965 S 100 W Suite 106 Logan, Utah. Call for the next start date. (801) 871-5118.
Offered by Angie Schultz, CSW, RYT-200, Grief Yoga® certified teacher, and sound healer