Laurin is located at our South Jordan office.  She is from Portland, Oregon and is the founder and owner of Connections Family Wellness. Laurin is also a founder of the nonprofit organization, Loving Legacy Charitable Foundation, where resources are utilized to provide mental health and other support to families in need.  

She has specialized training in Medical Family Therapy, Child and Teen Diagnostics, Attachment, Child Play Therapy, and Trauma Focused CBT.  She is an AAMFT approved supervisor candidate, and field instructor training clinicians at University of Utah. Laurin is passionate about providing quality mental health care, equality and excellence. Laurin offers therapy treatment for a range of concerns and demographics as well as Concierge Therapy Services upon request. Her passion is in women’s health, parenting, child and adolescent diagnostics, disabilities, attachment connection and security promotion.  



Tanisha is a Utah native who is passionate about creating wellness, connecting families, and helping people reach their goals through healing and self-compassion. She studied marriage and family studies as well as clinical social work. Tanisha enjoys helping individuals and families tackle tough issues and overcome big hurdles and life transitions. She feels honored to help you in your healing journey and help you find solutions that work for you. 

Tanisha possesses training in trauma and body based therapy, and has a focus in adoption, and adoption transitions as well as interracial/transracial adoption related issues. She also has knowledge of Deafness and Deaf culture and ASL. She loves working with clients of all ages and backgrounds including children, teens, and adults. Tanisha is confident in working with all ages and a variety of concerns including anxiety, depressive symptom management, diagnosis, trauma disorders, somatic symptom or unexplained body/mind difficulties and more.

Kira A.


Kira is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Utah. She is passionate about helping others unlock their individual power to find joy and healing. She believes that all people can benefit from seeking to improve their mental health.

Kira has worked with clients who experience substance use disorders, trauma, depression, and anxiety. She is passionate about the power of connection and healthy communication. She is confident working with individuals and groups of all ages and backgrounds, and has a special love of working with teenagers. Kira feels honored to be able to help others find hope and peace in life.


Behavioral Specialist

Julie is a child behavior specialist and has a career of experience working with families and children. She is located at our South Jordan office. Working with special needs is one of her specialties. She runs an early intervention preschool class and also provides consulting for parenting and behavior management. Julie can be a resource of guidance and support, and believes that there are no limits to a child’s abilities.

Julie provides both in person and telehealth consultations to support parenting and child behavior management. She is a compassionate and understanding individual and leads with a judgment free view to meet you where you are and take steps towards a healthy family dynamic. She believes we are all in this together and that it takes a village to raise a child.



Lindsay is currently finishing degree in social work at the University of Utah. She then plans to provide support to individuals and families experiencing difficult challenges in their lives. Specifically, she hopes to provide support and aid to individuals who are suffering from chronic medical disorders. She believes that seeking mental health support is a necessary component of treating complicated medical disorders due to the complex interaction between our mental and physical health.

Lindsay enjoys researching and finding ways to solve complex problems that people face. She has published one study at Brigham Young University about how specific religious practices improve adolescents’ mental health. In addition, she is publishing two papers at the University of Utah funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration about expanding the behavioral health workforce to address the current substance use crisis in the United States. She one day hopes to find more effective ways to support and treat individuals with complicated comorbid mental and physical health problems through research.



Vanessa is currently pursuing a Degree in Social Work at the University of Utah. Vanessa is eager to help individuals and families heal through healthy relationships and communication. She has worked with individuals with intellectual disabilities and children.

She has trained with Utah Foster Care and uses trauma-informed coaching practices with youth teams in our community. She is passionate about providing holistic services to individuals who struggle with trauma, abuse, attachment issues, foster and adoption issues, and relationship difficulties. Vanessa is grateful for the opportunity to support your healing journey.