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What is a Parent Specialist?

A Parent Specialist is a highly trained individual who, through a supportive relationship and intentional coaching process, helps parents navigate challenges with their children, build confidence and create more peaceful connections to strengthen their family lives. 

Our Parent Specialist meets regularly with parent clients to help them heal or improve their relationships with their children.

We teach new tools based on research and the current knowledge about child development. The tools they use are backed by science to be effective while also being peaceful and natural to what fits for your family.

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Is this for you?

Parent specialist services are for parents, couples or families who would like to engage in a connected, joyful, purposeful family life. This is a co-creative, gentle, non-judgmental and empowering platform for parents. 

– A safe place for you to gain support and understanding

–Expert, individualized attention to help solve your parenting challenges

-Opportunities to practice new evidence-based skills

-Renewed hope and improved confidence

-Help to create a solid bond with your child so that you can experience more joy together.

My work as a Parent Specialist is to give parents the space to intentionally create their own values, limits and style of parenting and then to help them to stay accountable to their intentions.

Telehealth or in person consultations available. 

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