Couples Therapy

There is hope. There is help.

Make Your Relationship A Priority

What a great wedding gift for a newlywed or engaged couple!

Are you considering starting a family, blending families, needing sex therapy, going through life transitions, empty nesters, or looking to relight the flame?

Root causes of family dysfunction are often found in the foundation of a marriage or romantic relationship. We support couples of all ages, orientation and life stages to improve communication, understanding, and overcome challenges.

With commitment and efforts in couples therapy, clients can be happier and have healthier relationships at any stage.

An intake session is typically with both individuals in the partnership, then we meet with each partner individually for either their own 50 min. sessions, or a split 25 min each session depending on their relationship needs. Couples work will continue after goals, level of comittment, and safety are established.

Take the first step to improve your relationship today

Our only request is that both partners be motivated to engage in the sessions. We will help with the rest!

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