woman in black leggings unrolling a yoga mat

Hosted by Connections Family Wellness’ therapist and mindfulness expert Angie Shultz

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by hassles and obligations? Do your stress levels keep inching up as the week goes on? Do you sometimes find yourself checking out, or going through life on autopilot, just to get through the day? What if there were an easy, inexpensive way to check back in? To feel fully engaged with the people around you? To start really savoring your own life? Midweek Mindfulness at Connections Family Wellness could be just what you are looking for.

Is This Class for Me?

So, what does a mindfulness class look like? Midweek Mindfulness at Connections Family Wellness is a fun blend of practical techniques like guided meditation and conscious movement that bring you back in tune with yourself. Most class sessions also include a crystal bowl sound bath. It’s a great way to reset when the busy week has you feeling scattered or uncentered.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the state of being fully connected with your own inner and outer experiences. Because it helps with brain function and therefore productivity, many Fortune 500 companies have begun offering mindfulness-based trainings to their executives. Since it works equally well at helping reduce feelings of
stress, anxiety, and depression, it’s also a cornerstone of many popular approaches to mental health therapy. But the biggest pull of mindfulness practice for most people is that it helps them to feel more present, grounded, and joyful. It’s a practice for those who want to feel fully human.

What Else Can Mindfulness Help With?

Mindfulness has been shown in research to help improve sleep, reduce chronic pain, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and improve mood. It has been shown to help reduce aggressive behavior and increase compassion levels. It can even improve your ability to focus, enhance brain functioning, and increase the volume of gray matter in your brain. So be careful! Getting started with a mindfulness practice at Connections Family Wellness might just inspire you to bring mindfulness into your daily life, and that could have big results.

How do I Get Started?

Spaces are limited. Call 801 871 5118 to reserve your spot. Each session is only $10. Classes are held Wednesdays from 9:15-10:15 at the Connections Family Wellness Logan office: 10654 South River Heights Drive, Suite 106.
Offered by Angie Schultz, CSW, RYT-200.