Krystal believes that therapy should be a safe environment to work through issues and problems, gain new perspectives and increase strengths, and improve relationships. Krystal loves working with children, teens, couples, and families.  She specializes in helping couples work through conflict, improve communication, and develop their relationship physically and emotionally.  She enjoys working with children, helping parents develop their skills, and improving parent-child interactions.  Krystal also has expertise in working with clients struggling with attachment difficulties, anxiety, depression, conflict, and communication issues.



Healing usually takes a surprising amount of work. But, Kaity hopes to support you in a way that makes the work feel achievable. She will guide you to think about your struggles and your loved ones in a new light, which will translate into different behavior, and eventually transform relationships (with people and your “problems”). I feel privileged to guide and support you in the healing process.



Sarah believes that every individual and family has the capacity to find happiness and healing when given the right support and tools. She strives to help her clients find peace through a whole-person approach, using biological, psychological, social and spiritual elements. She specializes in child and adolescence-related issues and works to help clients to discover and magnify their own strengths and find coping skills to manage things such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, conflict, and illness.  She has a passion for working with adoption/foster-care situations and parenting issues.


Behavioral Specialist

Julie is a child behavior specialist and has a career of experience working with families and children. She is located at our South Jordan office.Working with special needs is one of her specialties. She runs an early intervention preschool class and also provides consulting for parenting and behavior management. Julie can be a resource of guidance and support, and believes that there are no limits to a child’s abilities.